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COVID-19 is an ongoing pandemic and the information will be updated as we know more

(last update 22 Apr 2023)

3 S'pore medical bodies say risk to heart from Covid-19 mRNA vaccines very small, public should get jabs (ST 14 June 2021) 

Position Statement on possible association between COVID-19 vaccination and myocarditis /pericarditis (14 June 2021) 

There has been early reports of myocarditis from Israel; and now from US-CDC; after vaccination in the young. Based on current US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the rate of myocarditis in < 24 yr olds is 2.3 per 100000 (0.0023%) which is a marked relative increase in risk for this age group compared to the > 24 yr old group whose rates are indistinguishable from background rates. VAERS data by design, lacks granularity but appears to be related to male gender and following both doses of the vaccine. 

COVID-19 Vaccinations for Heart Patients (8 Mar 2021) 

Our heart patients are at higher risk of severe complications and even death from COVID-19 infection, we strongly recommend that all our heart patients get vaccinated with the available COVID-19 vaccines. MOH maintains a check list of reasons that makes one unsuitable to take the current approved mRNA vaccines (Pfizer / Moderna) and that only includes people with a history of severe allergies. 

Patients on blood thinners (Aspirin / Clopidogrel / Prasugrel / Ticagrelor / Warfarin / Direct Oral Anticoagulants etc) can receive the  intramuscular vaccine but will have to press hard on the injection site for at least 2 minutes. 

Academy of Medicine Singapore COVID-19 resource page

COVID-19 Vaccination for Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases 
Consensus Statement on COVID-19 Vaccination by Chapter of Cardiologists, College of Physicians, Singapore

Singapore Cardiac Society; Heart Failure Society Singapore and Chapter of Cardiology, Academy of Medicine Singapore Position Statement on Hypertension and COVID-19 (click on PDF icon to view)

Published 16 March 2020 

Cardiovascular Disease & Covid-19. Cardiologist Dr Ong Hean Yee on Heart Diseases & Covid-19 (22 May 2020) with Dr Chan Tat Hon = The Habits Doctor

Hypertension & Covid-19 - Dr Chan speaks to a cardiologist about hypertension & Covid-19 (14 June 2020) 

with Dr Chan Tat Hon - The Habits Doctor

Blood Pressure Drugs – Their Impact on COVID 19 Patients (8 June 2020)

Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitor has been an integral part of cardiology treatment, from simple chronic diseases such as hypertension to fatal diseases such as heart failure. However in the midst of COVID-19, the use of ACE-Inhibitors have created controversies for causing more harm than good, brought about by its mechanism of action. This video will discuss

1. The reasons behind the controversies of ACE-I and COVID-19

2. Differentiation between ACE and ACE-2 receptor

3. The data behind the use of ACE-I during this pandemic

Disclosure: This video is part of Servier Connects series of educational video for medical professionals. It is the digital arm of Servier Laboratories Ltd. For more information on medical information provided by Servier Connects, email Servier at

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