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Understanding Heart Failure Part 3 

Treatment - Devices

updated 26 July 2020

Several devices may help patients with Heart Failure


1. Pacemakers 

2. Mechanical Pumps 

Cardiac Re-Synchronization Therapy 
Some patients with heart failure has a wide QRS complex on their ECG; this causes the right and left sides of the heart to beat dsynchronously or out of step. Using a pacemaker to help them beat in step has been shown to improve heart function and mortality in patients with heart failure. 
ECG (Electrocardiogram)
Patient's ECG shows a Left Bundle Branch Block
Ventricular Assist Device
An artificial heart pump has been the dream of many doctors and patients and advances in this has saved many patients who would otherwise would have died while waiting for a new heart. 
Zalina Apical EF May 2019.gif
Zalina Apical EF June 2019 post  VAD col

Figure 3

Figure 3

Figure 1

Left Ventricle

Left Atrium

Figure 2

Figure 4

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